My Coding Journey

Coding Journey

The Web and Programming Languages

The web has become so ingrained in us that we take it for granted but every once in a while we need to take a step back and see how it really works.The basic flow is the (client) your computer makes a request to the server. The server then processes the request and sends back a response.

Docker Basics

Why is docker so popular and what does it do?

Programing languages

Learning any programming language is not just about the syntax but more about what is really going on under the hood. pass by value, pass by reference, mutable or immutable. Why is this so important ?

Learning Pyhton

If you are a ruby developer, you will like Python. The syntax is very similar but much more powerful like Ruby big stronger cousin. Not just the ability to not write web scrapper script but to also deal with massive amounts of Data and Analytics. However, the top reason I would say it’s readable and similarity to English.

Junior Developer

I will change from my normal technical blog style and give some tips that apply to all levels of devs.