My Coding Journey

Coding Journey

Why is testing so important.

There are many articles written about why testing is important and required to be able to build/deploy production-ready applications. For example, they might save your hours of debugging or easier to refactor saving your company millions, etc.

All These reasons are true however in my opinion there is one fundamental reason that is even more important. When you have to write a Unit Test it makes you rethink not just “I hope this code works with your fingers crossed “. It forces you to think about.

  1. What will this method/function do?
  2. What is the expected input and output?
  3. What data type is the input?
  4. Is my code really dry and clean?
  5. Can this code be writeen better ?

Because even if you never ever run these tests you have just accomplished alot just by answering these questions

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Truly understanding full-stack web development

I was asked to help build out functionality for a back-end developer so they could have a GUI or graphical user interface. This would enable non-technical employees to interact and update the DB.One point I made to the Project manager was that this “GUI” could live on the back-end server or it could be a file on a totally different server. The lesson I took from this before you start to code try to find out what will the production environment be ( many times this will change)

Is JS really the best programming language

Well, I think the jury is still out on the one , only time will tell for sure. Javascript was created in 1995 by Brendan Eich for Netscape Communications and has a very long history and I won’t bore you with all the details. What is important to know is javascript has become a language that is both Object-oriented and functional programming. This might make it more powerful but also harder to understand the many concepts behind the language.

Top topics every developer should understand well.

What is authorization and authentication, why is it important and some ways they can be hacked? Authentication is confirming you are who you claim to be, this is the typical login process. Where we match your input username and password against the DB if is correct Authorization is when we know who you are, but what rights or access do you have to this system are you an admin with full access pass or maybe you only have read rights.

Why is reviewing concepts so important?

As I am progressing in my learning and becoming more proficient in node.js. I took a step back and thought: “How well do I understand the core concepts of javascript?”