Learning Pyhton

Posted by Sim Greenbaum on October 25, 2019

If you are a ruby developer, you will like Python. The syntax is very similar but much more powerful like Ruby big stronger cousin. Not just the ability to not write web scrapper script but to also deal with massive amounts of Data and Analytics. However, the top reason I would say it’s readable and similarity to English.

You might ask, “Why is that so important, don’t you know how to code and read python?”

Yes, but code which more readable, will help other developers read it quicker and easier; Keeping in mind you might be that “other” developer reading your own code years later. Even tough Python might be slow in terms of execution but its readability helps to a much shorter development keeping costs down.

You might have heard the term “high-level language “ this doesn’t mean it is stronger or better but rather the distance to the bit and bytes or 1 and 0. Assembly and C are very low-level languages they are much closer to machine language but Java,C# or Python are farther away or easer for humans. The basic rule of thumb, the closer you are to the machine the better performance you will get but you will need to tell the computer clearly and exactly what to do. However “higher-level” language read more like English but will be a little slower on performance.

The last point I would add why python is great, is its extensive libraries and large online community. When you are building an app, encryption key or game DON’T reinvent the wheel use the resources that are available to you.

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Simcha Greenbaum

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