Linkedin and Metadata

Posted by Sim Greenbaum on December 20, 2019

Did you ever notice on Linkedin when you post a URL a cool preview picture shows up underneath? How does that work?

LinkedIn scrapes all the metadata which is located inside the Head tag of the HTML document, If you just have a plain HTML CSS JS site then all you need to do is just add these lines of code

<meta property='og:title' content="Title of the article"/>

<meta property='og:image' content="// 1234567.jpg"/>

<meta property='og:description' content="Description that will show in the preview"/>

<meta property='og:url' content="// of the article" />

LinkedIn uses the Open Graph protocol, the code that is important so we can get a preview image for our posts is ,

<meta property='og:image' content="// 1234567.jpg"/>

Og stands for Open Graph which creates an object from the metadata tags.It can have many different attributes like title or image check out the docs here . If you are not sure what the metadata of site will display LinkedIn has a great tool to inspect the output. So just type in the URL you want to check, it will scrape that website’s Metadata and display it for you to see.

If you are using a framework like React or even Gatsby it is a little tricker. You have to figure out which folder your image content is stored. Additionally , make sure to find the root HTML it will be in a folder Public with a file name of index.html. add the metadata tags there.

One piece of advice I would add, sometimes you change the website but LinkedIn has the old old metadata. A good workaround is to use the inspector tool as this scrapes and guarantees that the metadata is accurate.

All the best,

Simcha Greenbaum