How to be a good DEV

Posted by Sim Greenbaum on November 24, 2019

This blog is more for those just starting and exploring different languages and not sure where to start. My advice is just to pick an OO language like Ruby or Python and learn it well. Don’t jump around and try to learn the newest framework like react.js, vue.js, etc. or any of the newest popular and hottest things. Learn the basics of programming in general and understand it at is core only then move on.Programming is not just about the language but truelogic and problem-solving. You need to condition your mind process and think differently.

Top ten things to focus on.

  1. Read this article to understand what is the difference between front-end or client-side and back-end or serverside.
  2. Next read up on the basics of how the internet works, what is a web server, what is an OS. Getting to know the basics of computers and how they work will give you a much stronger foundation into becoming a master.
  3. Start learning the syntax of the language and different data types.
  4. Try to build your own version of many methods like reverse.
  5. Next focus on Object orientated programming and what are the benefits.
  6. Build a small project.
  7. Learn how to build a simple web app.
  8. Learn how to connect your programing to a DB .
  9. Learn more advance topics about HTML/CSS.
  10. Build a full-stack web app that has a server to process requests.

Coding can be fun and frustrating at the same time ,sounds weird like either you like it or you hate it. Well welcome to be being a true developer, the frustration is our minds trying to learn and retain new concepts.The fun comes from seeing how much we can do with programming. To all future dev’s ,do not, I repeat do not let the frustration kill that love and passion you have for coding !! As you move along hopefully there will be less frustration.

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All the best,

Simcha Greenbaum