Going to a PHP meetup as a Rubyist.

Posted by Sim Greenbaum on December 8, 2019

I have written many blogs about how you need to pick one language and learn it well. Don’t jump around and try to learn the newest coolest framework like react.js, vue.js, etc. or any of the newest popular and hottest things. You may be able to land your first job as you are up to date on the popular tech. However, your skills will be severely lacking as you have not built a good understanding and foundation in programming.

So then why did I go to a PHP meetup ? I don’t know anything about PHP except that half the URL’s out there are written in WordPress (aka PHP for dummies).

Well, meetups are a great place for networking and meeting people (some good food too) but in my opinion, you get to see the world from someone else’s perspective. How do they understand and use certain technologies? Do they struggle with the same things you do? In addition, if we all have the attitude I can learn something from everyone you will for sure pick-up something to excel and grow.

So I went in all scared and petrified that I don’t know the first thing about PHP. In the end, the meetup was about React and Gatsby two frameworks that I have used many times. Somehow I stood up and I asked a question about XSS scripting which turned into a whole lively group discussion. Which to say the very least the whole room enjoyed the interaction and the professionalism I brought to the table.

To summarize don’t just try to jump from language to language but you need to get out !! Go to meet-up’s even if it is not in your stack you never know what and how you can learn. Thanks to some great dev’s who pushed me to go and leave my comfort zone – you know who you are.

All the best,

Simcha Greenbaum